Monday, March 7, 2011

Timely Deliberation

Realizing this isn't how it will always be
In this vegetative state of play that goes on in my dreams
Casting out burdens isn't easy to do
Running forth on belief is the ultimate glue....
that holds me together, knowing the depths of my soul
Are guided by a savior, He is in control

Everything about me and all of my cares
Soothing my hurts and carressing my despair
Unattainable relief, just not at this time
Pain that is unmistaken for despair in one's mind

The images have become strengthened while I sit and wait
Have a grander effect on the time of the date...
of the promise of hope that lies in the bone
Of the one who is cherished, with you, never alone...
Written by KJM 2011

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  1. That's Amazing My Sissy :). Love Ya Sooo Much, Stacey :)