Sunday, January 1, 2012

Judgmental Attitudes go Away!

A new year, a new outlook on life. People of every nationality, religion and background come together to focus on a new start. The beginning of a freshness that only each individual can feel in their heart. How can I start over? How can this be better this time around?

Being that I'm a Christian, means, I'm a Christ Follower. I'm in love with my Lord Jesus who died for me. It's not a religion, it's in my heart, my soul...

I love everyone. It hurts my heart if I know they don't know Jesus. Maybe it was a misunderstanding in their lives; maybe it was a judgmental glance that they received when they were young? It could of been a rejection that took place in church and can't be forgotten. I just wish that people knew that it's not Jesus who judges, it's humans. Legalism can destroy a person's soul.

Sometimes when people act 'holier than thou', they take what they think is right and correct it in their own lives,then try and force it on someone else. Someone who is a Christian may have been convicted of something and decide they don't want to do that anymore which is a wonderful change but it can only be from God. Non Christians can also want to change their lives. Everyone's decisions, their lives and the outcome of their circumstances is between them and God if they choose to want Him in their life.

My friends are from every walk of life. Some are Christians; some have fallen away from that path; some have never known that. I love them and try not to ever judge them for the life they've chosen.

For me, I just know that God sent Jesus, His son, to come to earth as a little baby, then grow up and be persecuted and killed. He was different and unique. People didn't understand Him. Just like some of us who feel like others don't understand us and our lives. He died for me and my sins. Sins are something we all have. None of us can flee from it's destruction. The only way to be forgiven is through Jesus. We can't earn it by being 'good' or working hard or anything else. It's a free gift. John 3:16

I won't judge my friends that don't know Jesus. I won't persecute them. I will only pray for them when I'm alone with God and when I'm with them, I'll let them know that I love them. Showing Christ's love is the best thing anyone can do.

If only all of us had the attitude to 'love our neighbor as ourselves' Mark 12:31, then life would be much easier. Maybe everyone would stop judging and just start loving.

My prayer for 2012 is for the ones who don't know God, to seek Him. For the ones who are lost, to look to Him. It may not happen to all of the ones out there, but it's their choice. God gave us free will. He knows the outcome of what we choose.

I just wish love went all the way around the globe and end it's course by residing in Heaven throughout eternity.

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